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I have about 55 EMR clusters (all of them were terminated) and have been trying to retrieve the entire 55 EMR clusters using the list_clusters method in boto. I've been searching for examples about paginating the number of result set from boto but couldn't find any examples. Given this statement:

emr_object.list_clusters(cluster_states=["TERMINATED"], marker="what_should_i_use_here").clusters

I kept getting InvalidRequestException error:

boto.exception.EmrResponseError: EmrResponseError: 400 Bad Request
<ErrorResponse xmlns="http://elasticmapreduce.amazonaws.com/doc/2009-03-31">
    <Message>Marker 'what_should_i_use_here' is not valid.</Message>

What should I provide in marker param so that I can properly paginate the query?


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Tried with


and it works! This method returns all the clusters.

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You can pass in None the first time round.

If the ClusterListResult you get back has a marker attribute then you can pass that in later, e.g.

while True:
        cluster_list_result=emr_object.describe_jobflows(states=['TERMINATED'], marker=m)
        .... Do whatever with cluster_list_result.clusters
        m=cluster_list_result.marker  # See if there are more
    except AttributeError:
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Thanks! I'll give it a try. This might come on handy. –  Nicholas Key Apr 23 '14 at 20:39

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