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Is it possible to use gevent in a multiprocessing worker? It seems to interrupt communication when it monkey-patches the socket-layer.

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This might be helpful: pypi.python.org/pypi/gipc/0.4.0 –  kkurian Apr 19 at 5:44
also, see: stackoverflow.com/questions/8678307/… –  kkurian Apr 19 at 5:46
The problem is not that I'm unaware of gipc. The problem is that I am using gipc, and it's disrupting my multiprocessing pipes from the worker side. The guy's post essentially says that he's having the same problem, and I'd be wary of exempting sockets for my use case. –  Dustin Oprea Apr 19 at 6:12
You need to be more precise in your question. Generally, it is not recommended to set up a gevent architecture before forking. You duplicate the entire architecture, which is usually not what you want. gipc's approach then is to destroy the entire duplicate, which might indeed also not be what you want. You can neither blame gevent, nor gipc, you have to re-design your architecture. –  Jan-Philip Gehrcke Jul 14 at 15:35

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