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I am recently working on a Internet of Things(IoT) project, and I am new to this domain.

What I am thinking is to find many heterogeneous wireless sensors (thermometers, humidity sensor, light sensor...etc) from different companies, and those sensors provides APIs (e.g. Java API) to let me get the get the data from sensors.

And then I can use APIs to build my own application which contain all sensors on the computer. (e.g. A smart home server.)

But I found a problem that it is hard to find the wireless sensors with APIs for development.

Is there any recommended manufacturers which sale wireless sensors with APIs? Or is there any forum talking about the sensors? Or if my idea is wrong, please tell me.

Thanks for answering!

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sensor + microcontroller + rf = PROFIT! –  leppie Apr 11 at 5:09
Thanks for the reply leppie. So you are saying to built your own sensors and design your own APIs? –  Greg Apr 15 at 5:44
For me, that would be the easiest. Off-the-shelf stuff is expensive and too limiting, and absolutely no fun ;p –  leppie Apr 15 at 5:50
Our project goal is to integrate different existing sensors into the system, and our team members don't have the knowledge of hardware. But your idea provided me another viewpoint, thank you! –  Greg Apr 16 at 3:16
A good starting place is Arduino, plenty of libraries for many sensors. Communication is via a (USB) serial port, but nothing stops you from say using a bluetooth serial module. –  leppie Apr 16 at 4:43

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