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This is my integer array with Ids

    [0]: 31935
    [1]: 31940
    [2]: 31976
    [3]: 31993
    [4]: 31994
    [5]: 31995
    [6]: 31990

I am getting the above array from this code

Array GoalIds = FilteredEmpGoals.Select(x => x.GoalId).Distinct().ToArray();

I am trying to convert it to comma separated string like

31935, 31940, 31976, 31993, 31994, 31995, 31990

To achieve this I tried

var result = string.Join(",", GoalIds);

but its's giving me "System.Int32[]" in result.

Please let me update where I make a mistake here.

Ref: I looked at here and the example is working fine from there.


REF: As @paqogomez suggested

I was trying to store the values in a Array but may be it was not handling the values correctly. Now I did change the code for making the array as below

int[] GoalIds = FilteredEmpGoals.Select(x => x.GoalId).Distinct().ToArray();

Now it's working fine for me.

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try GoalIds{int32[7]} ? –  Ajay Apr 11 at 5:10
change Array GoalIds to int[] GoalIds or var GoalIds –  paqogomez Apr 11 at 5:12
And a tiny correction, use ", " instead of "," in the string.Join(). –  RenniePet Sep 20 at 21:20

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In declaring GoalIds as an Array type, you are not getting an iterator to be able to run in String.Join.


int[] GoalIds = FilteredEmpGoals.Select(x => x.GoalId).Distinct().ToArray();
var result = string.Join(",", GoalIds);

As @JeppeStigNielsen notes in the comments, this is also valid and eliminates the ToArray call:

var GoalIds = FilteredEmpGoals.Select(x => x.GoalId).Distinct();
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You can also drop the .ToArray() call (use var). string.Join has (generic) overloads that take an IEnumerable<>. –  Jeppe Stig Nielsen Apr 11 at 6:28
@JeppeStigNielsen, I mentioned that in the comments above, but perhaps it needs an edit to emphasize. –  paqogomez Apr 11 at 22:47

I have run this code in c# and its work fine dont know what is your problem

int[] GoalIds = new int[7] { 31935,31940, 31976,31993, 31994, 31995, 31990};
var a = string.Join(",", GoalIds);
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Please read my question again, I listed that from where I am getting the array. It's dynamically created and the length is also unknown –  nrsharma Apr 11 at 5:15
by the way it's working fine with the int [] GoalIds..., I was making it with Array. –  nrsharma Apr 11 at 5:17
@nrsharma, that would be my answer then right? –  paqogomez Apr 11 at 5:17
yes, you are right @paqogomez –  nrsharma Apr 11 at 5:18
@AmitJoki where is your answer? –  nrsharma Apr 11 at 5:28

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