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I am using a xforms:bind to do field validation for a year field. the code is at below:

<xforms:bind nodeset="instance('application-instance')/academic/cert_ordinary/year" level="year-1" constraint="if (string-length(.) &lt; 1  ) then . = . else . castable as xs:integer and string-length(.) = 4 "/>

while the UI code is below:

<xforms:repeat ref="instance('application-instance')/academic/cert_as" id="cert-as-repeat">
  <xforms:input ref="year" incremental="true" class="input_smaller">
    <xforms:alert level="year-1">Must be 4 digit year!</xforms:alert>                           

the validation is working fine, but the problem is, when i add multiple row of data, the validation is not working if i insert some string into the year and then change it to number.

for example, after i put "test" for 3 rows of year, the alert will shown there but then i change it to "2014", the alert for 1 row will still remains there and wont go away.

is this a bug from orbeon? FYI i using the orbeon 4.2.


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seem like i made a mistake in the if statement

constraint="if (string-length(.) &lt; 1  ) then true() else . castable as xs:integer and string-length(.) = 4"

this shd be the correct if statement.


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