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I need to clarify about a very basic usage of Load Balancers such as Elastic Load Balancer of AWS. I have an Restlet application that exposes a REST api but it does not run inside any web server like tomcat. It runs as a standalone java process.

So will the load balancer be able to scale this application or the application has to be a web server application.

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From the AWS Elastic Load Balancing Developers Guide -

Elastic Load Balancing supports the load balancing of applications using HTTP, HTTPS (secure HTTP), TCP, and SSL (secure TCP) protocols. The HTTPS uses the SSL protocol to establish secure connections over the HTTP layer. You can also use SSL protocol to establish secure connections over the TCP layer.

The acceptable ports for both HTTPS/SSL and HTTP/TCP connections are 25, 80, 443, and 1024-65535.

So, as long as your service uses HTTP or HTTPS on one of those ports you can use it - it doesn't matter whether it is provided by a web server, an application server or a stand-alone process

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