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What's the best way to turn a bunch of email threads into a working project documentation?

This other stack overflow question seems a little stale, but might be the right idea: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/11612/is-there-any-wiki-engine-that-supports-page-creation-by-email

Also, Evernote shared notebooks might be an idea: http://blog.evernote.com/2009/06/25/notebook-sharing-phase-1/

Perhaps there's a good way to convert email threads into HTML or Word docs and save them to a shared dropbox folder?

My ideal solution would be one where I could forward or copy a thread of emails into one spot, and go back after the fact to organize/categorize/add to it.

Any ideas?

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mindtouch has a desktop suite that, i believe offers this intergration. I have not tried it, but i do believe it will do what you are after. (and if it doesn't, you can monkey it easy enough)

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I ended up going with Evernote. It's easy to copy-paste into, plus you can send it email and have the email automatically added to a notebook.

However, it won't be an ideal solution until each notebook can have its own email address, and until shared notebooks can be viewed inside the Evernote app by all parties (right now sharing requires everybody except the notebook owner to use the web interface).

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