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I need to get a nested list of <li> elements into a multidimensional array dynamically using jQuery. The <ul>'s will be dynamically inserted into <li>'s so it's really important that the Array is able to go as deep as needed.

I am really stuck on this one, I have tried to loop through it using .each() and then push each element into the array, however I had no luck at making it multidimensional.

Any help would be brilliant.

Thanks in advance.


    <li>List Item One
            <li>List Item One Inner
                    <li>List Item One Inner Inner</li>
<li>List Item Two</li>
<li>List Item Three</li>

Since posting tried to get the data using the below code however couldn't get the array go deeper than one layer. Any help would really be appreciated.

function disp( li ) {
   var a = [];
   for ( var i = 0; i < divs.length; i++ ) {
   a.push( divs[ i ].innerHTML );

disp( $( "li" ).toArray().reverse() );
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