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I'm currently R CMD checking the documentation for a package I wrote. In one of the functions, I use an auxiliary data object called 'labels' to merge to the user's input. I don't want the user to know about this dataset (it's just there to help provide proper output). How can I hide this dataset / code object so that the following warnings are avoided:

* checking for missing documentation entries ... WARNING
Undocumented code objects:
Undocumented data sets:
  ‘labels’ ‘spain.1900’ 
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Don't put it in data/, put it in R/sysdata.rda –  hadley Apr 11 at 10:48
Thanks hadley, that indeed solves the issue. –  Richard Apr 11 at 13:46
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Just providing hadley's comment as answer for the sake of closing the question. If you like it, vote his comment, not this answer.

Save the data as sysdata.rda inside R/ rather than in data/

labels <- read.xlsx("/Users/.../some_file.xlsx", sheetName = "some_sheet")
save(file="./R/sysdata.rda", labels)
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