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In the admin interface of my application, the administrators can change global application settings that effect every user of the application.

But what is the best way to store/read those settings.

  • Is writing a config yaml file from php a solution? (And how about caching?)
  • Is storing it in a database (MongoDB) the best way to go? (Every request a query? Or serialize on login?)
  • Is there a bundle especially for this? (Couldn't find one)
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There's CraueConfigBundle that adds a controller and a service giving access to a list of settings. It seems like it's tightly coupled to Doctrine ORM though:

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I already found that bundle, i am making a fork for ODM as we speak! – Mathias Dewelde Apr 16 '14 at 7:58
@MathiasDewelde, wow! Thumbs up for that! :) – kix Apr 16 '14 at 8:01

IMHO, you have two options, 1) store it in file (i think better to store this in parameters.yml, than config files); But in this case, after each settings change, you'll need to clean cache;

2) store it in DB. If you'll have any performance issues using doctrine, you always have possibility to update getter/setter to cache results in memcache for example.

p.s. Both ways have own pluses. I prefer to split applications settings from its configuration options. So if admin wants to change global app settings, maybe it's ok to edit parametes.yml ?

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