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Using PySide, I am developing a small application. In my application, I am using QTreeWidget, to show form like data. This QTreeWidget has single column.My problem is that QTreeWidget not showing horizontal scroll bar when its element expands in horizontal direction. Has anybody have any idea about this issue?

After trying some things I noticed that I need to expand width of column dynamically. Is it possible?

Note: I have tried 'setColumnWidth', it is working fine. But I want to do it dynamically.

Thanks in advance

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Yes, both is possible. Did you read Qt documentation? –  SaZ Apr 11 at 11:53
@Dmitry thanx for taking interest. I tried but unfortunately I didn't get. Can you give me any link? –  user2732017 Apr 11 at 12:25
No success. Is it possible to you give example of pyside? –  user2732017 Apr 11 at 14:47

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You need to resize to contents as well as switching off stretch last section:

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Hay you r really cool. It works. Thanx a lot. –  user2732017 Apr 12 at 6:16

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