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I'd like to vary the precision of a double representation in a string I'm formatting based on user input. Right now I'm trying something like:

String foo = String.format("%.*f\n", precision, my_double);

however I receive a java.util.UnknownFormatConversionException. My inspiration for this approach was C printf and this resource (section 1.3.1).

Do I have a simple syntax error somewhere, does Java support this case, or is there a better approach?

Thanks all.


I suppose I could do something like:

String foo = String.format("%." + precision + "f\n", my_double);

but I'd still be interested in native support for such an operation.

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You sort of answered your own question - build your format string dynamically... valid format strings follow the conventions outlined here:

If you want a formatted decimal that occupies 8 total characters (including the decimal point) and you wanted 4 digits after the decimal point, your format string should look like "%8.4f"...

To my knowledge there is no "native support" in Java beyond format strings being flexible.

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