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I have 2 rails applications and want to call a rake task in the first application witch calls a rake task in the second application. Here is my rake task from the first application:

namespace :my_task do
  desc "Drop existing Database and create new with default values"
  task setup: :environment do

    puts "Reset database from first app".bold.red

    puts "Reset second database and add default values".bold.red

    # Dir.chdir('../app2/lib/tasks') do
    #   puts Dir.pwd
    #   Rake::Task["db:drop"].invoke
    #   Rake::Task["db:create"].invoke
    #   Rake::Task["db:migrate"].invoke
    # end

    system "cd ../app2 && rake db:drop && rake db:create && rake db:migrate && rake db:seed"

Dir.chdir... runs rake task for the first application and not in app2.

If the task runs system "cd ../app2 && rake db:drop && rake db:create && rake db:migrate && rake db:seed", created data from seed file are created with nil strings.

Here an example how the database looks like:

id | title | created_at | updated_at

1 | {null}   | 2014-04-11 10:40:43.394276 | 2014-04-11 10:40:43.394276

Anyone an idea why the seeds are not correctly created?

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If you really want to communicate between two servers try to use active resources in rails –  Sabyasachi Ghosh Apr 11 at 10:53

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