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i open a new internalframe in this main frame, i have 2 class,

    DisplayInternalFrame aDisplay = new DisplayInternalFrame(name, surname);

i have a desktop pane and its name desktop, this is my main frame, the internal frame is loading when the application runs,

now my 2nd class is internalframe, it has a table, i want to open new internal frame when people push a table item, my table name is errorTable

 private void errorTableMouseClicked(java.awt.event.MouseEvent evt) {

 errorInternalFrame acceptFrame = new errorInternalFrame();


the desktop is on the class 1 so i cant reach desktop cuz now i am on the internalframe event,

basically when people push an item on the table on the internalframe, open a new internal frame, or something like this.

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"the desktop is on the class 1 so i cant reach desktop cuz now i am on the internalframe event, "

What you can do is create an interface with a method to addToDesktop

public interface AddableDesktop {
    public void addToDesktop();

Then in your class with the desktop, implement it

public class Main extends JFrame implements AddableDesktop {
    private JDesktopPane desktop;

    public void addToDesktop() {
        errorInternalFrame acceptFrame = new errorInternalFrame();

You'll also need to pass the Main instance (which is an instance of AddableDesktop) to the DisplayInternalFrame. Then you can call the addToDesktop method.

public class DisplayInternalFrame extends JInternalFrame {
    private AddableDesktop addableDesktop;

    public DisplayInternalFrame(String name, String surname, AddableDesktop ad) {
        this.addableDesktop = ad;

    private void errorTableMouseClicked(java.awt.event.MouseEvent evt) {

When you create the DisplayInternalFrame in your Main class, you'll pass the Main instance to the contructor

DisplayInternalFrame aDisplay = 
                     new DisplayInternalFrame(name, surname, Main.this);

This may not be the exact set up you're looking for, but it shows how you provide functionality from one class to the another.

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thanks for your help, i will try to use an interface. – mtrsykl Apr 11 '14 at 12:21

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