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I have successfully installed the Vundle for vim

With the help-docs, i know that using command "PluginInstall **" can install this plugin

i have already download some plugins, but when i type :PluginInstall ** to install ** , it's not install ** from local but again search on the net.

So, how can i specify the path should this command ":PluginInstall" install plugin from where i want.

=======================for example: :PluginSearch taglist

it shows

Plugin 'taglist-plus' Plugin 'taglist.vim'

my local file is taglist_46 which download from‎

but it doesn't show up in result

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If you have a problem with Vundle, better ask on the plugin's issue tracker than here. – Ingo Karkat Apr 11 '14 at 13:03
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First, you should add the follow settings in your vimrc:

Bundle 'taglist.vim'

And then, run :BundleInstall, Vundle will download the plugin automatically. (automatic is the important reason to using it)

By the way, Vundle using git download the plugin, it should be installed.

If you don't have git (In windows for example), you can download by manually of cause. Just move the taglist folder to the right path. It was set by rpt+=<the right path>. For example, my setting is:

if has('win32') || has('win64')
  set rtp+=$VIM/bundle/vundle
  call vundle#rc('$VIM/bundle')
  set rtp+=~/.vim/bundle/vundle
  call vundle#rc()

Means the right path in Windows should be $VIM/bundle/vundle, and ~/.vim/bundle/vundle in Linux

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