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if HttpContext(context).Request.Params["parameter name"] can only be used to get the value of the parameter being targeted, how about if I am requesting the items from a listbox?

Let's say, I have listbox1 full of datas.

Instead of using foreach (ListItem items in listbox1.items) how can I make it like foreach (ListItem items in context.Request.Params["listbox1"].Items)?

I can't just put it in like that, right?

Is there some way I can request the items of the listbox?

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Yes, it is not possible the way you have mentioned but you can use HiddenField and store the item list with client side scripting and then get the selected list on server side.

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I'm not so sure how to use HiddenField, how will I do that? –  Don Apr 11 '14 at 12:15

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