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I know how to make all these uiimageviews disappear and come back again, but I don't know how to write this shorter. They are all assigned unique tags 1-35. I want to check if ALL of them are hidden and then perform an action.

       && test2.hidden==YES
       && test3.hidden==YES 
       && test4.hidden==YES 
       && test5.hidden==YES 
       && test6.hidden==YES 
       && test7.hidden==YES 
       && test8.hidden==YES 
       && test9.hidden==YES 
       && test10.hidden==YES 
       && test11.hidden==YES 
       && test12.hidden==YES 
       && test13.hidden==YES 
       && test14.hidden==YES 
       && test15.hidden==YES 
       && test16.hidden==YES 
       && test17.hidden==YES 
       && test18.hidden==YES 
       && test19.hidden==YES 
       && test20.hidden==YES 
       && test21.hidden==YES 
       && test22.hidden==YES 
       && test23.hidden==YES 
       && test24.hidden==YES 
       && test25.hidden==YES 
       && test26.hidden==YES 
       && test27.hidden==YES 
       && test28.hidden==YES 
       && test29.hidden==YES 
       && test30.hidden==YES 
       && test31.hidden==YES 
       && test32.hidden==YES 
       && test33.hidden==YES 
       && test34.hidden==YES 
       && test35.hidden==YES){
do something
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Don't compare == YES. if(condition) is enough. if(condition == YES) may fail because anything nonzero is a true-value, but may not be equal to 1 (YES). –  KennyTM Feb 20 '10 at 6:07
That seems a little overly paranoid to me. If the method is defined to return a BOOL and returns something other than a BOOL, that's some pretty major fail right there. I'm hoping that Cocoa doesn't actually DO that... –  Colin Barrett Feb 20 '10 at 7:18

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Assuming you meant tag as in the -tag method on UIView, and these views are all in containerView

BOOL allHidden = YES;
for (int i = 1; allHidden == YES && i <= 35; i++) {
    allHidden = [[containerView viewWithTag:i] isHidden];
if (allHidden) {
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How about keeping an array of tests instead?

Then you can simply do something like:

int testresult = 0;
for(i = 0; i < 35; i++){
   if(test[i].hidden != YES){
       testresult = 1;

if(testresult == 0){
   // all tests = yes

Note this uses C arrays rather than an NSArray. Principally you should switch from having a large collection of similarly named variables to an array of these things -- in ObjC it's advisable (as per the comments on this answer) to use an NSArray.

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Why would he use a C array when he's programing in ObjC? –  Colin Barrett Feb 20 '10 at 6:05
@Colin, are C arrays not allowed in ObjC? –  Mark Elliot Feb 20 '10 at 6:07
They are allowed, but NSArrays take care of the cleaning up of the objects they hold when they are released. –  Eld Feb 20 '10 at 6:11
Fair enough, my suggestion is primarily to change the storage format, I'm not advocating for C arrays and the solution here is one of concept rather than something ObjC specific. –  Mark Elliot Feb 20 '10 at 6:14


This may not be exact but something like:

BOOL retVal = test.hidden ;
for (int i = 2; i < 36 && retVal; ++i ) {
  id x = [self valueForKey:[NSString stringFromFormat:@"test%d", i]];
  retVal = retVal && x.hidden ;
if ( retVal ) {
  // do something

Though I think storing the test objects in an NSArray would be better.

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Are they all contained in the same superview? If so, try this to take advantage of the fact that they're already in an array:

@implementation UIView (testForHiddenSubviews)

- (BOOL) hasHiddenSubviews
  for (UIView *view in self.subviews)
   if (view.hidden) 
    return YES;
  return NO;

- (BOOL) allSubviewsHidden
  for (UIView *view in self.subviews)
    if (!view.hidden) 
      return NO;
  return YES;

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