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I was able to install webmin before the openssl update on Amazon, but I had to uninstall it. I then had the openssl update when I received the email from Amazon. Today, I am trying to install webmin again:

sudo wget
sudo dpkg -i webmin-current.deb

But then this error shows up:

dpkg: unable to access dpkg status area: No such file or directory

I have been able to install dpkg:

sudo yum install dpkg

-because earlier I was having this error: sudo dpkg command not found

I have been able to enter sudo yum update and sudo yum upgrade, but I'm still having the error while trying to install the webmin-current.deb

I have been googling all day and I haven't found a solution to my problem yet. Please help.

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Usually yum is a package tool for Red Hat based distro, while dpkg and apt is used for Ubuntu and debian. Are you sure you use an Ubuntu system? What is the content of /etc/issue? – TeTeT Apr 11 '14 at 15:17
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Dude ! You are installing a deb package using yum. You should use an rpm package for yum (RedHat/CentOS/Amazon Linux).

You should use a deb package if your distro is Debian or Ubuntu.

You want:

sudo rpm -ihv webmin-1.680-1.noarch.rpm
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Thanks! I did select Ubuntu Server 12.04 on Amazon EC2. So I searched how to install for Ubuntu. Kind of confusing for me since I don't have any tech background at all. Still trying to understand :) – Mizuki Apr 12 '14 at 3:27

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