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How can I change the IDE keyboard shortcuts in Delphi?

I want to change "Run" from F9 to F5 and "Add Breakpoint" from F5 to F9

I'm currently programming Delphi at home and C# at work and these 2 shortcut keys are confusing because they are the opposites of each other!

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@Kobus, you can map the keys to simulate the behavior of visual Studio IDE using the "key mappings" tab, located in tools->Editor options menu.

see theses images (Delphi 7)

alt text

alt text

Delphi 2010

alt text

Another option is install Gexperts, and use the expert IDE menu shortcuts, This expert enables you to configure any of the IDE menu shortcuts.

alt text

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GExpert IDE menu shortcuts is not working with Delphi XE. XE will ignore the changes. –  Altar Jun 6 '11 at 18:16

I personally use DPack which provides a Delphi keyboard mapping for Visual Studio plus a whole range of additional tools. It's also free :-)


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Yes I like DPack and use it a work! Coming from Delphi I love the the "Code/File Browsers" and "Numbered Bookmarks". And the "Collapse All Projects" and "Locate In Solution Explorer". But I'm used to and prefer the Visual Studio keyboard mappings because I work in VS most of the day. –  Kobus Smit Feb 20 '10 at 16:31
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I've found a better solution for me because the Visual Studio emulation is not the same as my VS and can't be customised and as Altar mentioned GExperts IDE menu shortcuts is not working with Delphi XE.

Using AutoHotkey I remap the keys using this script:

#IfWinActive, ahk_class TAppBuilder
;Set breakpoint
;Step Over
;Trace Into
;Delete line
;Switch between form and code
;Find Declaration
F12::Send !{Up}
;Navigate Back
^-::Send !{Left}
;Navigate Forward
^=::Send !{Right}
;Duplicate Line
;Incremental Search
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