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how do i get an app to read the preferences file of a different app by the same developer on the same device?

I make game apps and I want to be able to transfer character info from the preferences file of the free game to the paid game for the 1/4 percent or so of my free android players who are actually willing to shell out for the paid game.

also, is there a tutorial anywhere on unlocking game content through a purchase in the google play store? that would be another option.

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You can set same android:sharedUserId.

Application with the same user ID can access each other's data

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thanks, I just checked the docs on this after your quick response. it seems the solution is easier than I thought it would be. I also discovered a similar question with good answers at: stackoverflow.com/questions/9783765/… –  michael Apr 11 at 13:31
Note that this cannot, unfortunately, be added to an already published app. For that you would need to provide an update with a different, cooperative data sharing mechanism. –  Chris Stratton Apr 11 at 14:06

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