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It seems that a pretty significant fraction of new languages that come out run either on the JVM or the CLR. Presumably high on the list of advantages to doing so are 1) access to libraries and 2) portability, especially with Java. Has anyone attempted to do the same for Python? The closest I can find digging around is this:

Why the lucky stiff once hacked together a script that would compile Ruby code into Python bytecode. I remember that it worked well for simple Ruby scripts. You can look at the sources to see how he did it.

EDIT: So what he does is let the Ruby VM generate Ruby bytecode, than translate that bytecode to Python. Could still be interesting to see how the Python bytecode is assembled :)

BTW, here's an interesting thread about whether Python has a "VM" in the same sense that Java does or an "interpreter." In sum, I think for the purposes of this question it's reasonable to consider Python to have a VM.

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