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I am upgrading some Windows applications (Legacy Code) from VC 6 to VS2010. The program I am currently upgrading uses a .dll and I would like to build it with MFC in a static library. When I set the "Use of MFC" option to "Use MFC in a Static Library" and the "Runtime Library" to /MT I get the following errors:

    c:\program files\microsoft visual studio 10.0\vc\atlmfc\include\afxdllx.h(56): error    C2039: 'm_pFactoryInit' : is not a member of 'AFX_MODULE_STATE'

    c:\program files\microsoft visual studio 10.0\vc\atlmfc\include\afxdllx.h(55): error C2039: 'm_pClassInit' : is not a member of 'AFX_MODULE_STATE'

If I add _AFXDLL to the Preprocessor definitions, it solves the error but then I am asked to "Please use the /MD switch for _AFXDLL builds".

My Question: Is there a way to build my program, which is dependent on this .dll, using MFC in a static library?

Hope that makes some kind of sense, thanks in advance.

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Was it a compilation error or intellisense? If the latter, this was a known problem in VS2010. –  Roger Rowland Apr 11 at 14:02
@RogerRowland sorry it's a compilation error. fatal error C1189: #error : Please use the /MD switch for _AFXDLL builds –  Ryan Mc Closkey Apr 11 at 14:06

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