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Hi I am using subplots to create an 2x2 array of plots with shared axes. I want to share the x-axis per column and the y-axis per row

fig, ((ax1,ax2),(ax3,ax4)) = subplots(2,2, sharex = 'col', sharey = 'row')

Now I expect to be able to modify separately the limits on for instance the x-axis of the first column (ax1 and ax3) and the ones of the second column (so ax2 and ax4) But when I do


I end up with all x-limits set to (4,10) ?? Even though in the original constructor call I specifically set sharex = 'col' and sharey = 'row'

What am I missing ? Same of course for the y-axis for which I want to modify the limits separately per row

enter image description here

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What version are you using? It works fine for me on 1.3.1. nbviewer.ipython.org/gist/RutgerK/10472582 –  Rutger Kassies Apr 11 at 14:20
Hmmmm I am using 1.1.1rc... –  Mathias Vanwolleghem Apr 11 at 14:24
OK apparently it was a version bug... after installing 1.3.1 (with all the related problems see for instance freetype and libpng which pip doesnt install automatically) it is OK. –  Mathias Vanwolleghem Apr 11 at 15:31
@MathiasVanwolleghem Please post your comment as an answer and edit your post title to removed the 'solved' comment. –  tcaswell Apr 13 at 19:53

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