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I need to give these images a link from my db. I have a column in the same table that holds a link, the column is titled "product_url". I am so new to this, that everything I try keeps giving me an error. I want to make the title and the screenshots link to the product url page. Can anyone offer any advice, pls?

<div class="app-title"><?=$title?></div>

<span class="app-screenshots">

     if (!empty($app['additional_images'])) echo'<span>'.$app['additional_images'].'</span>';
     if (!empty($app['additional_images_2'])) echo '<span>'.$app['additional_images_2'].'</span>';

I know I should at least try to provide my own answer, but I can't even do that. I've been trying for days and doing nothing but wasting my time. thank you for any help.

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What is an example value of $app['additional_images'] ? Where is product_url? –  Gaʀʀʏ Apr 11 '14 at 14:52
it is bad practice to save the whole URL in database, however show the example of your URL which you are saving in database. –  Harshal Mahajan Apr 11 '14 at 14:53
where is stored the url of the image ? is it $app['additional_images'] ? –  Apolo Apr 11 '14 at 14:53

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Maybe what you are looking for is :

echo '<span><img src="'.$app['additional_images'].'"></span>';

(if $app['additional_images'] is the link to your image file)


If you want the image to link to a specific url, let's say 'myPage.html' :

echo '<span><a href="myPage.html"><img src="'.$app['additional_images'].'"></a></span>';
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As I understand correct you have stored the URL to a picture in the database and not the binary data of the picture. Storing the binary data of a picture and the display it wouldn't make much sense. You would have to copy it to a public folder and generate an URL to use in HTML. To achieve what you want you could just use simple HTML.

<a href="[Link from DB]">
    <img src="[URL of picture]" />

To use it with PHP you just echo the text:

    echo "<a href=\"" . $app['product_url'] . "\">";
    echo "    <img src=\"" . $app['additional_images'] . "\" />";
    echo "</a>";

I have not tested this code! There might be syntax errors in it!

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did some guessing work,

i guess $app['additional_images'] is a path to an image, and i guess $app['product_url'] is a link? if thats the case then try to reconstruct the link to the product and insert the image:

$app['product_url']='<a href="http://www.example.com/product.html">The product</a>';

$temp_arr = explode(">",$app['product_url']);

// your code.....

if (!empty($app['additional_images'])) echo'<span>'.$reconstruct_link_opening_tag.'<img src="'.$app['additional_images'].'">'.$reconstruct_link_closing_tag.'</span>';

//  your code....


i must say, you need to clean-up your code. dont hold a complete <a href="....">....</a> link in your array, just hold the url so its easy to manipulate, like in this case.

if the $app['product_url'] is just a url (hmm thats kinda obvious how i missed this in my first reading? hmm well you said *I have a column in the same table that holds a link, the column is titled "product_url"*) then this will do:

if (!empty($app['additional_images']))
    echo'<span><a href="'.$app['product_url'].'"><img src="'.$app['additional_images'].'"></a></span>';
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Thanks guys! Got it! Really appreciate the help! –  user1723987 Apr 11 '14 at 18:27

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