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What's the Matlab way to draw a Bezier curve ? Do you have to prgoram it yourself ?

I am not looking for a user made routine, but am asking if Matlab offers a standard way to draw them.

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After looking and searching through the documentation, my answer is No: you'd have to go with one of the 3rd party implementations.

Likeliest candidate would be the interp family functions, and they implement no Bezier interpolation.

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Thx. As I said in the other answer: I am actually asking this because I saw my son programming a Bezier curve himself in Matlab, I know that every drawing program implements this so I seemed to me that a program as Matlab should have this too. – Edelcom Feb 20 '10 at 10:40

With the Curve Fitting Toolbox, Matlab supports B-splines, which are a generalization of Bézier curves. A rational B-spline with no internal knots is a Bézier spline.

For example

p = spmak([0 0 0 1 1 1],[1 0;0 1]);

would plot a Bézier curve with control points at (0,0),(1,0),(1,1),(0,1).

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