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I'm trying to organize my code, my code related to the get/post requests seem dirty/redundant.

On the client side, I have something like:

function DBManager()
    this.getContactsList = function(cb)
        $.post('/post/getContactsList', { data: data }, function (contacts)

    // And a lot more methods similar to the above.


Then on the server side, I have something like:

app.post('/post/getContactsList', DBManager.getContactsList(pool, mysql));
// And of course a lot more like the above

Then in that DBManager.js route file, I have a lot of exports, like

exports.getContactsList = function(pool,mysql)
    return function (req, res) {
        // do something with req.body
// Again a lot more like the above

That seems redundant, especially passing the same data to the routes everytime such as the pool/mysql that we see.

Any recommendations or reading material?


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