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Is it possible to disable home button temporarily for other apps on a rooted device?

I am making a program that controls other programs. I have full root access. Is there a way I can disable the home button so that other apps can't use it if they aren't allowed? Implementing a home screen doesn't work because I want to disable the button for other programs as well.

I suppose maybe I could just restart the program that pressed home to get back again but that is kind of an ugly solution.

I found this:

It works, but I would prefer not to save to a file all the time (flash wearing). Also it seems to only be working on bootup. Or is there a way to reload the configuration?

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I found a workaround:

Make a home screen activity that intercept your HOME press and then just call finish() in onCreate(). This code can launch another "launcher" at will, or do nothing as you please.

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