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I am able to generated pdf file from html table using this below script: But I am getting all the columns data are line by line.

Please help me to generate pdf file as a tabular formatted way.(with column border, margin or padding, headers ) in this script

I am used jsPDF lib script to generate a html table to pdf .

 var pdf = new jsPDF('p', 'pt', 'letter')   
    , source = $('#TableId')[0] 
    , specialElementHandlers = {
        // element with id of "bypass" - jQuery style selector
        '#bypassme': function(element, renderer){           
            return true

    , margins = {
             top: 20,
             bottom: 20,
             left: 30,
             width: 922

        source // HTML string or DOM elem ref.
        , margins.left // x coord
        , margins.top // y coord
        , {
            'width': margins.width // max width of content on PDF
            , 'elementHandlers': specialElementHandlers
        function (dispose) {          


I have tried this sample below function too, but I am getting just empty pdf file.

function exportTabletoPdf()
    var doc = new jsPDF('p','pt', 'a4', true);
    var header = [1,2,3,4];
    doc.table(10, 10, $('#test').get(0), header, {
    bottom: 10,
    width: 170,
    printHeaders: true
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You have to use something like -- doc.setLineWidth(2);

for line border.. Please look the following for sample code

How to set column width for generating pdf using jsPDF

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