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I am interested in being able to look at the App Store's apps using my own app (specifically for apps that are created by me)...

Basically, I want a scrollview that is loaded up with all of the current apps created using my developer account. I know I could manually add in all of the apps, but that is a short term solution to an ongoing problem: I will keep adding apps, and I want to keep having those apps listed in my other apps as links on the 'More Page'.

Does anyone know how I can do this? I've been reading up on parsing JSON and XML, and I am guessing if there is a way to do what I want, it is through this route, but I'm not sure. Thank you!

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If all you want is for your users to see your other apps, you may be better of sending them to the App Store w/ a link to your developer page instead.

More info here: Link to App Store app developer page with iOS 6?

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This is better solved using SKStoreProductViewController. You can pass in your "artist id". – rmaddy Apr 11 '14 at 16:52
Thanks for the comment. I've actually used that approach in the past, but it's less likely that a user will actually go through looking at the screenshots and description of any particular app if they have to be redirected to the app store first and then see a horizontal scrollview with all my apps on it. I'd rather have the scrollview right there, right away. More likely that an icon will catch their eye this way :) – Kjell Apr 11 '14 at 16:53
rmaddy: Thanks for that idea :) This is a lot better than my previous approach :) I ended up adding things to the SKStoreProductViewController's View to customize that way it looks. It's not perfect, but much better than before :) awesome! Thank you! – Kjell Apr 11 '14 at 17:11

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