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I'm currently working in Laravel4.

I'm trying to loop through an array containing a list of company names to populate a dropdown menu, and it just doesn't work. I either get an error about array to string conversion failing or object to string conversion failing. Any ideas?


Here is the view:

                Carehome type:
        <select name='carehome_type'>
            @foreach($companies as $company)
                <option value="{{$company}}" >{{$company}}</option>

And here is the controller:

public function getCreate(){
        $view = View::make('account.create');
        $companies = DB::table('homes')->select('Company')->distinct()->get(array());

        return $view->with('companies', $companies);
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Your result set is an array of objects and in each iteration you have an object at your disposal.

That's why you get an object to string conversion when trying{{$company}}.

You have to specify which property of the object you want. Try this:

@foreach($companies as $company)

  <option value="{{$company->Company}}" >{{$company->Company}}</option>


where Company corresponds to the field you selected with select('Company')

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thanks that works perfectly! I had tried but with company instead of Company – Max F Apr 11 '14 at 17:42

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