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I'm working on a web server using Scotty. I can run ghci and keep using :r to get it to reload my code, but if I even run main I cant' restart the web server without killing ghci.

How can I cancel main without closing ghci? Is there a better way to handle web servers and automatically restart them?

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Does CTRL-C or CTRL-D work? –  bheklilr Apr 11 at 17:12
Also, are you calling main directly, or calling it as :main? –  bheklilr Apr 11 at 17:13
CTRL-C kills ghci as well as main. I'd like to only kill main, but keep ghci open with my context. I'm calling main directly I think. (Just typing main in) –  Sean Clark Hess Apr 11 at 17:55
Try it with :main. Just like :reload, it's a special directive in GHCi that runs main properly instead of executing it as an IO action. It might help. @danidiaz looks like he has a pretty good suggestion too. –  bheklilr Apr 11 at 18:02

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Invoke :set args <arg> ... in ghci to set the arguments that will be returned by System.getArgs.

Then, using the async package, launch the server in ghci with something like a <- async main.

Later invoke cancel a to kill the server.

See also this link that explains how to reload code even while the server is running.

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