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Bundle install run by capistrano on my web-server does not install the gems specified in Gemfile.lock.

I have passenger 4.0.41 specified in Gemfile.lock, but when I look at the output of capistrano's bundle install it does not install it, it keeps the previous version passenger 4.0.40 in use.

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So far I've discovered that I need to cap deploy:update and then run cap bundle:install and then deploy again, for the gems to be installed, it was still using the old deploy's Gemfile.lock. –  Victor S Apr 14 at 17:27

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In your first sentence, you have Gemfile.lock*1*. It doesn't matter what version of passenger is specified in that file, since bundle reads Gemfile.lock. (Notice the lack of a one at the end).

See the bundle install man page (http://bundler.io/v1.5/man/bundle-install.1.html) for more info.

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Sorry, that was a misspelling... –  Victor S Apr 11 at 18:27

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