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I'm trying to read a series of microsoft access databases in R. I found the mdb.get function from the Hmisc package which uses mdb-tools.

This is my workflow for one particular .mdb file

system("wget http://www.dgis.salud.gob.mx/descargas/zip/BDSS_2004.zip")
   Can't alloc filename
   Couldn't open database.
   named list()
   Warning message:
   running command 'mdb-tables -1 SECTORIAL2004.mdb' had status 1 

I've tried passing the commando directly using System() to give the mdb-tables command but I get very similar results.

system("mdb-tables SECTORIAL2004.mdb")   
   Can't alloc filename
   Couldn't open database.

The main issue is that when I do it directly in the terminal it works fine for the same files. I guess I could do it using a shell script but I rather do it inside R. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


I've neglected to say that I'm running this code in RStudio, I've tried running it in the R Terminal alone and it works so that makes me think it has something to do with the filepath to mdb-tools or something like that. That being said, I still would prefer to be able to do this in RStudio. Thanks!

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... I tried to reproduce your error but everything works fine for me.

Judging from the error message ("Can't alloc filename") and what you are saying ("a series of microsoft access databases"), I would bet that you are hitting the memory limits of what R can handle.

Here are a couple of advices that could help you:

  1. You may be able to free some useless stuff with rm. Run gc() to trigger the garbage collector before loading the file, so you are assured that all the free memory will be available. This may be enough to solve your problem.

  2. If this is not enough: import sequentially the mdb files, one at a time, saving each of them in your hard drive in another format (like the default .RData) and clearing completely your workspace. You will still probably need to worry about space when you will open them later, to do analyses with them, but at least you won't have to go through the mdb -> R conversion step.

  3. Finally, do you really need R for reading that database? If not, you would save a lot of troubles just by using other technologies (python?) to read your database.

Finally, one generic advice to handle a lot of data: you should really consider to learn how to use data.tables in case you don't know about it already.

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Hello, thnx for the reply. I don't think my problem is size, I can even read a small .mdb on R but I can read it in the terminal without a hitch. I was trying to read this using RStudio and I think that is the problem because I can read all the .mdbs if I run the same code in R but in the terminal. –  eclark Apr 11 at 22:20
@eclark: Could you try to execute the same script in R (terminal version) or in Rstudio? My bet is that they will likely have the same problem. –  Jealie Apr 11 at 22:25
@eclark: Otherwise, without a reproducible example we just can't help you! –  Jealie Apr 11 at 22:28
Ok, I've tried executing it on R(terminal Version) and it works without a problem, the problem arises when I run it in RStudio. –  eclark Apr 11 at 22:36
I've reinstalled RStudio and it works now. I don't know what was going on. But thanks for the help!! –  eclark Apr 12 at 20:16

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