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I am attempting maintenance on a system I did not write (and aren't we all?). It is written in C Sharp and JavaScript, with Telerik reports.

It has the following code included in JavaScript that runs when the user clicks a button to display a report in a separate window:

var oIframe = $("iframe id='idReportFrame' style='display:none' name='idReportFrame' src=''>");
oIframe.load(function() { parent.ViewReports(); });


  $('#idReportForm').attr('target', 'idReportFrame');
catch (err) { // I did NOT write this

Then the load function:

function ViewReports()
  var rptName = $("#ReportNameField").val();

  if (rptName == '') { return false; }

  var winOption = "fullscreen=no,height=" + $(window).height() + "left=0,directories=yes,titlebar=yes,toolbar=yes,location=yes,status=no,menubar=yes,scrollbars=no,resizable=no, top=0, width=" + $(window).width();
  var win = window.open('@Url.Action("ReportView", "MyController")?pReportName=' + rptNameCode, 'Report', winOption);
  return false;

When I execute this (in Chrome, at least), it does pop up the window and put the report in it. However, breakpoints in the c# code indicate that it is getting called 2 or 3 times. Breakpoints in the JavaScript and examination of the little log in the JavaScript debugging environment in Chrome show that the call to win.focus() fails once or twice before succeeding. It returns an undefined value, and then it appears that the first routine above is executed again.

I am inclined to think it some kind of timing issue, except that the window.open() call is supposed to be synchronous as far as I can tell, and I don't know why it would succeed sometimes and not others. There is a routine that gets executed on load of the window, perhaps that's somehow screwing up the return of the value from open().

I am not a JavaScript person much, as those of you that are can likely tell by this time. If there is something with the code I've put here that you can tell me is incorrect, that's great; what I'm more hopeful for is someone who can explain how the popup-report-in-frame is supposed to work. Hopefully I can do it without having to replace too much of the code I've got, as it is brittle and was not, shall we say, written with refactoring in mind.

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From what I could find the window.open will return null when it fails to open. Something may be keeping the browser from opening additional windows a couple of times; maybe it is a popup blocker.

The actual loading of the url and creation of the window are done asynchronously.


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