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I'm helping a friend with editing their site on Wordpress, and until now was under the impression that the CSS file to edit was found in Appearance > Editor section. But I came across the following when I went to go edit the CSS:

*CSS Rules in this file will not be used by the theme. 
* Instead use the app.css file that is located in your themes /assets/css/ folder to add your styles. 
* If you just want to add small css snippets you might also  want to consider to add it to the designated 

I've been searching and cannot find app.css file to edit the css. Where do I find this file?

Thank you!

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you should really be using FTP to edit the files, not the Appearance > Editor... –  celeriko Apr 11 at 18:24
You could find the file? –  Jabel Márquez Jun 14 at 22:02

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You should search via FTP the file in this path: wp-content/themes/YOUR-THEME/assets/css/app.css

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