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I am using Xcode 5.0.2. When I run analyze on my project, it gives me dead store messages for the stop argument in NSArray indexOfObjectWithOptions:passingTest: . The message is - Value stored to 'stop' is never read. The sample code is

 NSUInteger index = [self.array indexOfObjectWithOptions:NSEnumerationConcurrent passingTest:^BOOL(id obj, NSUInteger idx, BOOL *stop) {
            // Do some check. If it passes
            stop = YES; // Reports dead store here
            return isFound;

I believe I am stopping the enumeration correctly. Is there a another way of setting the stop value so that I can avoid this message.

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Change this:

stop = YES;


*stop = YES;

You need to dereference the pointer to set its value.

To be really safe though you should do this (it avoids a crash if the pointer is nil):

if (stop) {
    *stop = YES;
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Thanks. Completely overlooked that it was a pointer variable. Is there any scenario in which the stop within an NSArray enumeration could actually be nil? –  Kedar Apr 11 at 18:53
In this case, stop should never be nil since it's meant to be used by this standard, Apple provided method. –  rmaddy Apr 11 at 19:08

You are not using that variable stop in any other place in your code, you are just assigning a value to it, but not using that value.

Situation 1:

If you write a code like:

- (BOOL)deadStore
   BOOL dead = YES;     // dead store warning
   dead = NO;
   return dead;

Situation 2:

If you write a code like:

- (int)deadStore
   BOOL dead   = YES;     // dead store warning
   int notDead = 7
   return notDead;
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