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My EmailHandler class is as follows:

Class EmailHandler {
        protected Configuration config;
    protected Template getTemplate(String templateName, Locale locale) throws IOException, TemplateException {
        return config.getTemplate(templateName, locale);

In my applicationcontext.xml, I have

<bean id="freemarkerConfiguration" class="org.springframework.ui.freemarker.FreeMarkerConfigurationFactoryBean">
    <property name="templateLoaderPath" value="classpath:/templates/email"/>

my directory structure for templates is as follows:


At present getTemplate is always called with (string, Locale.US). But, in future, I want to be able to call getTemplate with (string, Locale.FR).

Following are my questions: 1. How should I change my directory structure to specify templates for french language. 2. What does config.getTemplate(templateName, locale); exactly do? How does that method find template for Locale.US in template directory? 3. I want to load my french language templates from email/multilanguage/fr directory. How do I do that?



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When you call getTemplate("foo.ftl", Locale.US), FreeMarker first tries to load foo_en_US.ftl, then foo_en.ftl, finally foo.ftl. So the French templates should be named like foo_fr.ftl.

The locale specified for getTemplate also decides what the value of the locale setting will be inside the template. This, however, can be overridden in the Environment object. That can be done if instead of myTemplate.process(...) you call env = myTemplate.createProcessingEnvironment(...); env.setLocale(...); env.process(), or in the template with <#setting locale='...'>.

As of loading templates from subdirectories, that's not supported by getTemplate (at least not yet). However, you could just specify that path directly, instead of relying on FreeMarker to deduce the template name.

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thanks much, this helps. –  riship89 Apr 11 at 20:23

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