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I'm hoping to begin commenting in a way that will enable me to automatically generate some documentation for future developers of this codebase. It's for a relatively small project (~15modules, 1 or 2 engineers). Is something like Javadoc appropriate? Are there other options I can consider that are more appropriate for embedded C projects? What do the legit OS/kernal-level hackers use?

I just love the idea of being able to automatically generate basic function documentation, like:

@Execution context (if that's a recognized token?)

By execution context, I hope to clarify which thread and background loop or foreground loop If background loop, at what approximate interval (e.g. 10ms, 100ms, etc). Anything else should go here?

I'm new to the idea of execution context and only worked with 1 RTOS so far, so appreciate any guidance there. Thanks!

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Try Doxygen with your custom commands (for example, \Execution). See about this here

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