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How do I find the name of a file using a class? For example: index.php

include 'class.php'
$class = new class();

How would you find the file (in this example index.php) inside of class.php?

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__FILE__ perhaps? –  Mark Baker Apr 11 at 20:49
sadly no, that just returns class.php –  user3426581 Apr 11 at 20:52
Magic constant __FILE__ return the full path and filename of the file php.net/manual/en/language.constants.predefined.php –  ChoiZ Apr 11 at 20:53
@user3426581 you want to list each files who use the classname "class"? –  ChoiZ Apr 11 at 20:54
What problem are you trying to solve that you need to know the file name where a particular class is used at runtime. It sounds like an unusual situation. I am interested. –  Ryan Vincent Apr 11 at 21:35

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$class = new MyClass();
$class->file = __FILE__;

You could pass it to the constructor if you define your class accordingly

class MyClass {

    public $file;

    public function __construct($file){
        $this->file = $file;

$class = new MyClass(__FILE__);
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Doesn't work actually –  user3426581 Apr 11 at 20:58
Works for me, what are you trying to do with it? Note that class is a reserved name in PHP and you shouldn't name a class "class". –  Aleatoric Apr 11 at 21:01

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