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I am using xampp for deploying web apps.As it comes along with the php module in a package. Now what I want to do is change the default path to the php so that i can make use of other version of php without overwriting the existing php. My new copy of php exists on desktop. How I can do configuration so that apache will refer php present on desktop rather than the default one during

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I know your question asks about XAMPP, but Softaculous AMPPS has a built-in interface that allows you to switch between PHP versions. This question is possibly a duplicate of… – Agi Hammerthief Apr 12 '14 at 11:31
possible duplicate of Using XAMPP, how do i swap out PHP 5.3 for PHP 5.2? – Agi Hammerthief Apr 12 '14 at 11:34
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  1. Download your desired version of the PHP thread-safe binary (zipped) from
  2. Unzip the downloaded version of the PHP in a separate directory. Please make sure that your new php directory's name is not "PHP". (For example, use php54 for PHP 5.4)
  3. Copy the new PHP directory into your XAMPP directory. (DO NOT overwrite your existing php directory!)
  4. Now go to your xampp/apache/conf/extra directory. Make a backup of, then open the httpd-xampp.conf file.
  5. Change the following variables/directives:

    PHPINIDir to be [your xampp folder]/[new version of PHP]

    LoadModule to be [your xampp folder]/[new version of PHP]/php5apache2_2.dll

  6. Save the httpd-xampp.conf file. Restart your XAMPP apache server. If your server get restarted successfully then your server's PHP version is upgraded. You can check the status of your php version by using the URL [localhost]/xampp/phpinfo.php.

If you are still having issues, try this as well:

You should change LoadFile "[xammp folder]/php/php5ts.dll" to LoadFile "[xampp folder]/php54/php5ts.dll"

Source :

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