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The item source to the RadGridView is class, the grid has about 20 columns out of 2 are bool columns. In the bool columns if the value is true we are displaying image.

              public bool IsPassed {get;set;}
              pulbic bool HasStructNumber {get;set;}

when I export to excel and if the above values are true want to display a string like "*". How to do this ?

public static string ToExcelML(this GridViewDataControlsource,IEnumerable items, bool includeHeader, bool includeFooter);

called this method from RadGridView instance.

      RadGridView rg;
     rg.ToExcelML(grid.SelectedItems, true, false);
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In order to not override the headers you need to change the e.Value only when the e.Element is ExportElement.Cell.

private void clubsGrid_ElementExporting(object sender,GridViewElementExportingEventArgs e)
   if (e.Element == ExportElement.Cell)
       var column = e.Context as GridViewDataColumn;
       if (column != null && column.Header.ToString()=="IsPassed")
            if (e.Value == true)
               e.Value = "Yes";


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for more explanation look into this… – GANI Apr 28 '14 at 17:18

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