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I have an array of Longitude/Latitude numbers that I loop through to spit out markers for a Google Map. The markers I am using are circles to show a small area. I am trying to "slightly" privatize the locations by offsetting the numbers by a small amount. I am thinking fluctuations of +/- 0.001 to 0.009.

An example is: lat: 47.6204674, lng -122.3491156.

My current loop:

    $.each(locations, function(i, item) {
        // init markers
         var marker = new google.maps.Marker({
             position: new google.maps.LatLng(item.lat, item.lng),
             map: map,
            icon: circleIcon

I need to modify item.lat and item.lng


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Adding the random number in the client/browser won't prevent someone from getting the "real" number with a debugger. If you want to protect the information, you need to do this processing on the server. –  geocodezip Apr 11 at 22:39

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Adding in a random number in the range you suggest would work OK,

 position: new google.maps.LatLng(
        item.lat + ((Math.random() > 0.5 ? 0.001 : -0.009) + Math.random() * 0.008), 
        item.lng ...),

But for added anonymity, you might want to seed the random number generator based on the user ID. Otherwise some hacker could invoke your code N times, take the average, and accurately work out the position.

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That worked great. Math.random (lowercase r). thanks –  TJ Sherrill Apr 11 at 22:46
Corrected in answer. Thanks for that. Upvote for you. –  Chrisky Apr 11 at 22:53
thanks so much! I only found out becuase I got errors. But I had no idea how to solve the issue. –  TJ Sherrill Apr 12 at 22:14

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