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I want to configure both apache and nginx to run together on ubuntu because I want to develop on both nginx and apache. I have read that I have to edit the configuration on apache or nginx to make one of them run on another port rather than 80.

Which files should I edit in Nginx to make it run through another port?

Please help.

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You've answered your own question and are correct, you need to have different ports for each daemon/server. What have you tried so far? Have you installed both packages and looked at changing the configuration? –  apesa Apr 12 at 1:08
thanks apesa. Can you tell me which files need to be edited for nginx to make it run on another port but not 80? As I would run apache on 80. –  maths Apr 14 at 17:51

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go to /etc/nginx/sites-available then modify the host file which should listen to a different port (if you didn't change anything here you will find a default file, enter to change it)

in the file change listen: 80 to the port you want to listen to

don't forget to reload the service: service nginx reload

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Thanks that worked! I tried it earlier as well but I was trying to access the site without port number. So after changing the default file and changing the port to 8080, i was able to access the site at: www.mysite.com:8080 .. –  maths Apr 15 at 17:54
no problem, since it worked, could you please accept the answer :) –  redmoon7777 Apr 15 at 17:56
there you go..accepted! :D –  maths Apr 15 at 18:10

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