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I am receiving angular directives like ng-app just fine in my html. Intellisense is working good for them.

I am receiving intellisense for some angular methods like so:

bootstrap method of angular works

But other methods I am not receiving anything at all, or the wrong stuff.

module method of angular does not

What could be causing this? I know that module is supposed to be receiving different intellisense.

I have a friend with PHPStorm and he is receiving this intellisense for the module method.

PHPstorm intellisense for angular.module

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I know it's not an answer to my question, but I've started researching TypeScript as a solution to the intellisense problem. Not only that, it helps with the type safety of javascript, which is something I always wanted... optional type safety. I can get the intellisense by downloading a nuget package for AngularJs TypeScript definitions, which as a benefit also gives intellisense for Dependency Injected items that I set. Quite cool! –  Cowman Apr 12 '14 at 6:24

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You should add angularjs reference to ~/Scripts/_references.js. This file is configured to be searched for references by JavaScript IntelliSense engine by default (Tools > Options > Text Editor > JavaScript > IntelliSense > References). Just open that file and drag-and-drop angular.js file there (I assume you have it included in your project). Reference will look like following

/// <reference path="libs/angular/angular.js" />

You also can add references like this to any js file - you'll get IntelliSence there.

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You sir, are amazing. Thanks for responding to this! I thought I had to use typescript just to get intellisense... but typescript lately for me is becoming a headache so I just want the pure javascript. –  Cowman Mar 12 at 3:17
Welcome! The following links may be also helpful. github.com/jmbledsoe/angularjs-visualstudio-intellisense stackoverflow.com/a/21805152/951186 But for me I've chosen typescript for my current project. And for good: ngconf 2015 stated that angular 2.0 is coming out on typescript. –  EvAlex Mar 23 at 7:03

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