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What are good books / site where you can learn the best practices for event driven programming in actionscript (3 obviously).

I've got a big project coming up and, to be honest, my flash is usually a big mess of classes and I don't want the the next one to turn into a ball of hair behemoth.

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Colin Moock's Essential Actionscript 3.0 has a good explanation of events.

If you want free online stuff, here are some introductory articles on how AS3 Events work with the Display list:

Using Event Dispatcher is for AS2/Flash MX 2004, but is a decent introduction to the concepts of events, event dispatchers, and event listeners.

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After buying ActionScript books I still use the Adobe PDF Manuals the most. They are free downloads:

From this site: you can get just about every Flash and ActionScript reference for Free, including:

Flash Tutorial:

Programming Action Script:

Language and Component Ref Zip:

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