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For example, I have this string: "6119726089.12814713"

If I do (string->number "6119726089.12814713") - using the SISC implementation the result is 6.119726089128147e9 - and in Guile implementation is 6119726089.128147 but I would like an exact number, like: 611972608912814713/100000000 without loss precision.

I'd like a function like (string->exact) or something like this.

NOTE: please fix my non-native English and remove this message. Thanks.

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Use (string->number "#e6119726089.12814713") to parse the number as exact.

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Thank you very much! It works very fine on Guile: 611972608912814713/100000000. But why not in SISC? In SISC the result is 305986304456407356262207031/50000000000000000 which is 6119726089.12814712524414062 - Do you know why? –  Felipe Micaroni Lalli Apr 12 at 6:57
It sounds like SISC parsed the number as inexact first, then converted it to exact "after the fact". :-( I think that's buggy behaviour, but technically (if I remember correctly), the standard allows this. Meh. –  Chris Jester-Young Apr 12 at 6:59

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