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I do have some unique requirements where I want to hide a role to be selected from specific role users.

For example I have a role name admin, department 1, department 2 and department 3. As a admin I should be able to see only department 1, department 2 and department 3 for role management in my portal.

But if I define permission for admin that he/she can manage roles. Admin user is able to see all the roles which are available OOTB in Liferay.

Can anyone help me with the configurations?

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Do you want to remove roles from list for which admin role user don't have any permissions[not having any action to perform]? –  Pankajkumar Kathiriya Apr 12 '14 at 8:36

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The administrator role is by Liferay outside of permission concept, so the admin can manage all other roles. You can create another role like Department-Role-Admin and put them necessary permissions.

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