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It's a pain to write codes like this all the time in jbuilder.json template:

json.extract! notification, :id, :user_id, :notice_type, :message, :resource_type, :resource_id, :unread, :created_at, :updated_at

So I'd like to code like this;

json.extract_all! notification

I've found I can do it like the following codes, but they are still a bit lengthy to me.

notification.attributes.each do |key, value|
  json.set!(key, value)

Is there any better way?

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Maybe this is a bit simpler, json.extract! notification, *notification.attributes.keys But if Jbuilder has a method like this, I want to use it instead. –  chikaram Apr 12 at 7:45

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Maybe you can use json.merge!.

json.merge! notification.attributes


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Thanks! This is exactly what I want!! Only, my Rails version is 4.0 so I should upgrade it to 4.1 first. –  chikaram May 3 at 10:50
I just tried to use this method with Rails 4.1 but unfortunately it doesn't seem to be merged into 4.1. So I decided to wait a little more. –  chikaram Jun 18 at 7:22
Are you using the latest version of jbuilder? Try bundle update jbuilder. –  uiureo Jun 18 at 7:39
Oh jbuilder is only a gem and has nothing to do with Rails versions as of now. The method worked fine with jbuilder 2.1.1! Thank you for your trouble. –  chikaram Jun 20 at 16:49

I'm using jbuilder 1.5.0 and merge! didn't work but I found an alternative syntax:

json.(notification, *notification.attributes.keys)
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