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This should be simple. I want to get an absolute Uri given the controller, action and other routevalues. In other words I want to do what Html.ActionLink does but without the anchor and I want to do it in my controller.

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You can generate link URLs with UrlHelper.Action(). Your controllers already have this as property Url.

Url.Action("Logout", "AccountController")
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Great. The UrlHelper needed a RequestContext which I got from ControllerContext. – Martin Feb 21 '10 at 14:06
You don't have to specify AccountController as aAccount would suffice, as in 'Url.Action("Logout", "Account")' – yoel halb Aug 14 '12 at 15:32

When I tried to use UrlHelper(string action, string controller) I was still getting a relative path.

So to generate the full url I used a Uri and passed the Uri of the Request as the baseUri.


var urlHelper = new UrlHelper(Request.RequestContext);
var routeUri = new Uri(Request.Url, urlHelper.Action("action", "controller"));
return routeUri.AbsoluteUri;
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