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If I put something like:

<%=Model.Project.Id %>

in the body of a strongly typed view, I get full intellisense for my model.

However, if I put:

<a href="/Projects/Edit/<%=Model.Project.Id %>">

With the script being written within an html property (in this case the href="" property), the intellisense doesn't work.

I imagine this is a limitation of VisualStudio, but it seems this is a very common task and should be able to work. Is there a fix for this? Does my version of VisualStudio have a problem?

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Intellisense is probably not active in text blocks (between double quotes), which is completely normal.

However i never used Visual Studio to develop asp.net application so i can't tell you how fix it but i have a idea.

Reshaper is a powerful tools for .net applications. It supports asp.net and might do what you need. You should try it !

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Will check out Reshaper and report back, ideally VS would provide this natively. –  Roger Rogers Feb 21 '10 at 3:58
I've marked this reply as answer, since it appears to be the reality. If someone comes up with a solution, I'll change the answer. –  Roger Rogers Feb 22 '10 at 13:43

Can you force IntelliSense to show up? I think the standard shortcut ist CTRL + Space ?

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Just tried this, it does force intellisense, but not in the expected context, i.e. it shows a list of files to populate the href property, not the model property, e.g. Model.Project.[Intellisense here]. I think the problem is probably that VS isn't geared towards the kind of behavior common for asp.net MVC. –  Roger Rogers Feb 21 '10 at 3:57

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